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Josh and Cullen sit down after a game of 40k to answer viewer submitted questions on this weeks episode of the Sit and Talk.

How is business going? How do we choose which content to make? These questions and more on this week's Sit and Talk.

Steve sits down bright and early in the morning to bring you all this weeks episode iof the Sit and Talk. Don't forget to leave questions for Matthew for next weeks episode!

Luka answers questions about his likes and Dislikes of AoS/40k while demonstrating his favorite moves from the first Witcher video game. ..... With some MTG commander nonsense.

Josh is joined by Cullen this week for a longer then usual Sit and Talk so strap in. Remember to leave questions for Luka below for next weeks Sit and Talk!

Matthew manages to answer EVERY question that was left for him last week. Leave questions for Josh and Cullen for next week.

Steve takes a break from a week of filming some retro 2nd edition 40k content with Luka to sit down to answer community summitted questions.
Luka sits down and does a big talk like usual in today's Sit and Talk show.
Josh sits. Josh talks. Tune in to here what he has to say.
Matthew returns to answer all of your budding questions.

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